Barks of Approval

Oscar says: I love these biscuits - the peanut butter ones are my favorite! Mom and Dad give me one before bed each night, and then I sleep like this.
"See those treats above my picture? I ate them ALL! They were so yummy I was inclined to eat one of the bags as well"
Note to Human: keep out of reach of counter surfing hounds.
These home-made healthy treats are better than sliced bread...I know I've had my share...Eagerly awaiting my Peanut Butter treat desert
I wanted to tell you that my beagle Munson LOVES your homemade doggy treats. She totally gobbles them up anytime I have them, I even crumble them over her dry food when she is being finiky and doesn't want to eat, it works every time.
Harry is a man of few words - no comment from him yet other than "Harry says thank you".
"These are mine, but if you want some, you'll have to go on line!"

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While we have the ability to care for ourselves and eat right, man's best friend relies on us. He can't read the label. But YOU can. Freshly-made, organic treats to make your dog run around in happy circles. Give your dog the treat he deserves – Houndalicious goodness in every bite. Can you really say no to his Houndalicious puppy eyes?


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