Houndalicious is your pet's best treat. They're made with organic ingredients. We love dogs and want them to live long and healthy lives. We know you do too!

Proper diet and exercise are good for both men and women. It's essential for man's best friend! But proper diet doesn't stop at mealtime. Treats should also take your pooch's health into account. Houndalicious offers your dog an alternative to the generic store brands. Each batch of Houndalicious treats is made fresh. These don't sit around store shelves.

Give them the good stuff! They've earned it.
Doggedly good nutrition disguised in pup–tasty flavors. Crunchy and yummy, these will have your pooch howling for joy in no time. Don't rely on us, check out the reviews! These are woof-ingly better than the cat's meow.. They're the dog's ARF!

Oh and did we mention – No wheat added either!
Cause we care about allergies.

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